Certified Drug Screenings in Gonzales

Ascension Medical Clinic understands the need to eliminate lapses in judgment on the job. Keeping employees focused and drug-free contributes to workplace safety and stability. The experienced and certified technicians on staff clear your workers for duty with rapid result drug screenings, protecting Gonzales businesses and their employees.

MRO Services

To avoid falsely accusing an employee of illegal drug use, businesses often need qualified consultants to accurately interpret the cause of a positive test. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) acts as a gatekeeper for both the employee and the employer. The MRO’s chief responsibilities include:

Dr. Holmes is a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) trained in Federal DOT drug testing guidelines. To meet your specific needs as a company, Ascension Medical Clinic can help you develop and implement an employee drug screening and testing program.

We’re dedicated to helping you maintain a safe, productive workplace. Call Ascension Medical Clinic today to schedule employee drug screenings!

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